For Sale - AIE - 2161 - Melt Pump System


Reference Number

AIE - 2161


Melt Pump System



Product Details

Rajhans is India's most reliable manufacturer and supplier's of gear pumps, melt flow systems for Thermoplastics Extruders

We manufacture melt flow pump systems with output of 10 to 1600 kg/hrs

Our gear pump systems consist of
- Melt flow pump with heaters
- Gear box (reducer)
- Motor (AC with force cooling)
- Universal joint + coupling assembly.
- Electric panel with AC drive for synchronizing system
- Pressure transducers
- Barrel side flange adaptors
- Die side flange adaptors
- Main base frame (fabricated)

- Woven sack plant
- Tape Plant
- Sheet and film plant
- Tubes and profile plant
- Cable coatings plant
- Formed product
- Recycle process plant

- More Accurate gauge control
- Elimination of extruder gauge
- Significant material savings
- Higher product Quality
- Increased profits with reduced scrap and life of extruder
- Increased output
- Faster start ups
- Lower processing temp
- Fast pay backs due to linear and non stop production

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Rajhans Engineering Works
Mr. Hardit Parikh
Tel: + 91-79-5830003