For Sale - AIE - 2163 - Compact Industrial Chiller Package


Reference Number

AIE - 2163


Compact Industrial Chiller Package



Product Details

We offer Standard Air-Cooled Chillers up to 20 TR., Standard Water Cooled Chillers upto 100 TR., Set Temperature from + 5 to + 20 DEG.C.

Type 1 - Complete with Tank and Pump for closed circuits

Type 2 - Without tank and pump, Where Tank and Pump is the part of your Systems / Equipment.

Type 3 - Without Tank and Pump for open circuits.

Salient Features
- Compact skid mounted system, ready to install.
- Fully automatic with tried & tested controls.
- Quick chilling.
- Energy saving with high efficiency condensers.
- Guaranteed cooling capacity at rated parameters.
- Specific design to meet customer requirement also available in addition to standard models.

The Fine Quality Component Features
- Hermetic / Semi hermetic sealed / screw compressors with internal over load protection.
- Air cooled condenser with copper tubes and Aluminum fins.
- Plastic storage tank with external insulation to prevent ingress and condensation.
- Refrigerant circuit consists of imported filter dryer, thermostatic expansion valve, sight glass, accumulator.
- Controls with safety devices - High and low refrigerant switches, low water level, flow switch.
- All Refrigerant tubing is of high grade copper.
- Digital temperature indicator controller for precise temperature controlling.
- Trolley mounting - optional.

- Plastic Processing
- Injection Moulding
- Blow Moulding
- Extruders
- PVC Pipes
- Woven Sacks
- PP film Lamination
- Rotogravure Printing
- Coating
- Lamination