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AIE - 2218


Dust Separating Systems


Glow Industries, India

Product Details

The first in India to introduce a range of Dust Separating Systems. These can be retrofitted on your existing grinders or be fitted on your new Glow Industries Grinder.

Principle: Separation is a simple process. the grinding material is passed through a blower cyclone at high pressure. The pressurized air lifts the lighter dust and fine particles and pushes them out through a separate outlet, leaving the cleaner dust free grinding material to fall through the main outlet.

Option of a single central Dust Separating System to handle all your moulding and grinding machines.

Various types of Dust Separators available:
- Two Stage Material Conveyor Blower Cyclone
- Three Stage Material Conveyor with Dust Separator
- Rotary Sieving Machine
- Low Noise Plastic Scrap Grinder

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