For Sale - AIE - 2267 - Continuous Screen Changer


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AIE - 2267


Continuous Screen Changer


Panchal Plastic Machinery, India

Product Details

We manufacture continuous two-piston screen changer (without back-flush) that allows the simple exchange of the screens used for filtration during on-going operation. The melt which is distributed in normal operation among both pistons with a screen package each is guided after reaching a defined maximum pressure entirely over the second screen support piston after the hydraulic extension of the one screen support piston. After the exchange of the screen package, the first screen support piston is retracted again and thus integrated in the production sequence again. Then the second piston is moved accordingly.

In order to avoid any trapping of air in the melt (which would lead to a breakage of the filament, strand or film), PANCHAL also offers an automatic venting system for the screen cavities.

Continuous Screen Changer with Back-flush System: The continuous double-piston screen changer with back-flush system fully automatically cleans the two screen packages that sit in the piston once a defined maximum pressure on the screens has been reached. The special back-flush add-on prevents the movement of the screen piston and respective wear and tear. A piston in the back-flush add-on diverts the material flow, so that only one screen support piston is passed through in the direction of flow. The screen package in the second screen support piston is now flowed through by the cleaned melt in a direction opposite of the normal direction of flow. As a result of the favorable channel geometry, dirt particles situated on the screen package are detached efficiently and removed with only little melt at the back-flush add-on. The process is then performed in an analogous fashion on the other screen package.

Discontinuous Screen Changer: The screens are changed when the system is idle in the case of DSC screen changers. For this purpose the screen support piston is hydraulically extended and the screen package is then renewed. In the case of DSC screen changers, material may emerge at the piston ends in the region of the gaps (leakages), especially in the case of low viscous melts.

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