For Sale - AIE - 2360 - Electrostatic Oil Cleaner


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AIE - 2360


Electrostatic Oil Cleaner



Product Details

It is known that most of hydraulic machinery failure and troubles originate in the hydraulic oil due to contaminants. Water and contaminants (metal processing powder, friction powder, dust, fiber thrash and contaminated substances) reduces the original ability of oil, deteriorate lubricant film to lower the performance of machine also causing drop in oil viscosity. Also contamination when adhered to parts surface it causes failure and also leads further to an increase of electric power consumption. Our system cleans the oil so effectively that it can improve the performance of machine with oil related problems and provide indefinite oil life for hydraulic systems. Our system retains clean hydraulic oil and maintains the oil better than new oil.

System uses electrostatic precipitation to remove sub - micron particle of insoluble material, without effecting soluble oil additives. Tiny particles are electro statically driven to, then captured on, the positively or negatively charged walls of electrodes. Large particles are trapped in the resin impregnated cellulose filter. Coalesce filter in dehydration cell is used for removal of moisture/water up to 5000 PPM. Modern additives treated oil is highly resistant to deterioration, it can continue service indefinitely if kept clean and free from contamination.

Our electrostatic cleaner Cleans
- Contamination up to < 0.01 ยต
- Metallic contaminant
- Non Metallic contaminant
- Dust, rust
- Moisture up to 5000 PPM
- Traps contaminant occurs due to oxidation viz. suspended carbon particles, sludge, tar and varnishes.
- Metallic contaminant and maintains oil quality better than new oil i.e. Nas class 5-6.

Operating Parameter
- Temperature: below 60 degree Celsius
- Oil viscosity: below 200 CST
- Moisture Content: below 5000 ppm
- No water base / detergent oil