For Sale - AIE - 2392 - Semi Automatic Hydraulic Baling Presses


Reference Number

AIE - 2392


Semi Automatic Hydraulic Baling Presses



Product Details

- We manufacture baling press with four Guide Pillar + Two Guide Rod - Tie bars inside bush construction with special shock absorbing bushings to absorb eccentric loads.
- Main Motor of IES/Crompton Greaves/NGEF
- Advanced hydraulic circuit for pressure setting, pressure bypass and for avoiding piston slippage when the machine is in idle condition. Maximum system pressure: 140 kgf/cm2
- Warranty against proper usage on all machine parts for 1 year from the date of delivery.
- In built control panel with push button systems.
- Limit switching arrangement for height control.
- Highly stable & sturdy machine made from SAIL, TISCO, or VSP (Vizag) material only. (N.B.: For fabrication, we use only Advani - Oerlikon/ESARB/RAJCORD-ISO 9001 Welding Rods)
- Tie Bars & Guide pillars are made of ultrasonically tested alloy steels & are duly ground and hard chrome plated.
- Hydraulic Pumps & Solenoids of Yuken Kogyo India Ltd. or Polyhydron.
- Available in a wide range of platform sizes, heights & tonnage.
- 3000 Bags in single setting (Optional).