For Sale - AIE - 2631 - Labkon Controller for Sticker Labeling Machine


Reference Number

AIE - 2631


Labkon Controller for Sticker Labeling Machine


Streamline Controls - India

Product Details

SMotion Series Controllers are multi functional controllers, incorporating micro controller, and are most versatile & cost efficient, optimally in combination with DC stepper drive ( Digistep) / Servo drive (Digiservo) designed to best suit the automation needs of various industries.

- Control: Indigenous micro-controller based stat of art equivalent technology
- Memory: Reliable flash / E2prom for program / data retention
- Inputs/Outputs: Protected using upto isolation
- Power Supply: Efficient SMPS to withstand voltage variations

- RS 485 Serial interface to any DIGIStep drive with Max. output frequency 10 kHZ
- CLK /Dir or Quadrature pulse output to any other stepper drive with maximum output frequency 10 kHZ
- Quadrature pulse output to any Servo drive with maximum output frequency 12.5kHZ

- Economy: Cost effective solutions to cater entire range - Conventional to full-featuredmachines
- Reliability: Proven through years of reliable operations
- Size: Most compact hence effective space utilization
- Quality: Accurate timings, Fast response provide consistent performance & hence improved quality
- Productivity: Reduces electrical maintenance / down time of the machine hence ensures better productivity
- Installation: All interconnections between the Stepper / Servo Drive & Controller through Plug-in connection

- Start: Bottle sensor to start the running of stepper Drive
- Stop: To stop the running of stepper Drive
- Label sensor: High speed input for precise positioning On/Off facility to use with or without label sensor.
- Inching: Moves stepper motor forward / Reverse in manual mode
- Analog Input: Optionally provided to synchronize with the main motor of the machine

- Print: Operate to print on label after the running of stepper motor is over
- Ribbon: Operates to move printer ribbon in parallel to running stepper motor
- Error: Operates on Error

- Modes: JOG / RUN
- ON/OFF facility to facilitate both printed & plain bags on keypad
- Programmable Window to decide the active span over length of a Label
- Synchronization pot on Keyboard to synchronize both Stepper motor speed & Conveyor motor speed

- Timers: Three (Range: 00.00 to 99.99 sec.)
- Counters Totalizer: 6 digits counts total no. of labels

- Label Sensor: Missing Label out of tolerance as per decides missing Label count in Missing
Label counter
- High Speed: Higher main drive speed is given length Higher main drive speed is given length
- Safety: Password Protection for engineering parameter
- User interface standard: 144 x 144 mm MMI, 16 X 2 Big LCD / 24 Key Membrane Keypad

Servo Model Features
- Servo Enable / Disable output
- External Trip Output
- Output for trip reset input

Optional Features
- Up to 25 nos. of memory to store parameters of different jobs.
- Data logging & analysis - Hourly production for last 24 hours
- Robotic functions

Testing & Troubleshooting
- Extensive input / output test facility
- Indications at various levels for diagnostics

After sales services
- Seldom required
- Immediate replacement in worst case of failure, subject to warranty terms & conditions

- Power: 24 Vac / Vdc ± 10%
- Consumption: 10 VA max.

- Digital: 10-30 Vdc, 30 mA , NPN /NO
- Response: Time 10 ms

- Digital Open collector
- 24 Vdc / 30 mA

- Temperature: 0-50 ºC
- Humidity: 5-95% Rh, Noncondensing

Dimension: Standard 144 mm (H) X 144 mm (W) X 56 mm (D)

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