For Sale - AIE - 2632 - Digistep DC Stepper Drive


Reference Number

AIE - 2632


Digistep DC Stepper Drive


Streamline Controls - India

Product Details

Digisteps are intelligent PWM drives with micro- controller offering wide variety of programmable functions and interfaces for optimum control and are available for both Unipolar and Bipolar two phase DC Stepping Motors.

- Technology: Indigenous state of art technology equivalent to PWM technology
- Economy: Cost efficient compared to similar international products with attractive features.
- Efficiency: Efficient MOSFET based power module
- Reliability: Proven through years of reliable operations in various industrial applications

- 1 Winding Enable (Hold input)
- 1 Quick Stop input
- 4 Programmable isolated inputs
- 1 Analogue input

- Outputs: 4 Programmable isolated Outputs
- Operation: Full step / Half step

- Pulse: Pulse / Direction input signals
- Speed: 0-10 Vdc analogue reference
- Synchronization: Pulse train input with programmable synchronization ratio
- Positioning: Inbuilt -programmable No of Steps, Speed, Acceleration, Deceleration

Application Areas
- Plastic: Bag / Pouch making, slicing
- Pharmaceutical: Labeling, Filling, Indexing
- Consumer / Food: Labeling, Filling, Indexing
- Printing / Paper: Sticker / Paper printing, Embossing, Cutting table,2/3/4 axes control, Back gauge in Shear & Hydraulic press
- Chemical: Filling, Metering pumps, Servo valve control
- Others: Winding

- Digital Inputs: 10-30 Vdc/20 mA
- Digital Outputs: Open Collector- 30 Vdc / 20 mA
- Step frequency: 10 KHz
- Protection: Over current and Thermal
- Operating Temperature: 0-50? C
- Humidity: 5- 95% Rh, Non-condensing

Applications: Digistep with suitable DC stepping motor can be used in various motion control applications
- Positioning
- Low speed gearless operation
- Continuous Start / Stop with direction reversal
- Indexing
- Synchronization

After Sales Services
- Seldom Required
- Immediate replacement in worst case of failure, subject to warranty terms & conditions

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