For Sale - AIE - 2760 - Fanless Fill Less Cooling Tower


Reference Number

AIE - 2760


Fanless Fill Less Cooling Tower



Product Details

Our fanless fill less cooling tower working under jet principle. Kinetic energy of water entering the cooling tower is converted into kinetic energy of air by the use of specially designed ejection nozzles.
Evaporation of water vapour only brings down the temperatures. It will change according to the humidity of air, Wet-bulb and temperature difference. Creating more air draft by increasing the number of nozzles. The circumference area of each nozzle includes the air by jet principle and travel in the same axis a reduce to the required temperature.
With this concept water will transfer the heat to air and having advantages without using any mechanical drives and tower packing.

- Without Motor: No Power Consumption
- Without Fan: No Breakdown
- Without Packing: No Future Replacement
- Without Clogging: No Difference in performance
- Minimum Evaporation: No difference in percentage of loss

Material of Construction:
- Louvers: FRP
- Structure: MS Hot Dip Galvanized
- Fasteners: SS 304
- Nozzles: PP Non-Clog type Nozzle of Virgin Quality
- Ladder: MS Hot Dip Galvanized
- Header Pipe: FRP Pipes