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AIE - 2855


Online and Offline Granulators


Aerodry Plastics Automation Pvt. Ltd., India

Product Details

1) Online Granulator:
Salient Features:
- Very little dust: The cutters do not re-cut the sprues and runners in the same place, thus minimizing dust production, static electricity, and heat generation
- Very few miscuts: The spacing between the blades approximately duplicates the size of the original material pellets, so sprues and runners get granulated to roughly the same dimension. There are very few miscuts
- Quiet operation: Cutting is held to a minimum, thus the machine is very quiet.
- Easy cleaning: Because there is minimal static electricity produced, any dust created doesn't adhere to interior surfaces. Moreover, two large panel doors open downward to afford greater cleaning convenience, and, ultimately, significantly shorten cleaning time and downtime. (Average cleaning time:5-7 minutes)
- For hard materials

2) Offline Granulator:
Aerodry offers world's best granulators for wide usage in plastic processing industries to ensure the proper regrind of all important plastic material in extrusion, injection / blow moulding, thermoforming and recycling sector, soft as well as rigid plastics can be regrinded with minimal wastage.

Salient Features:
- Silent front feed hopper suitable for manual / conveyor and robot loading
- Feed size upto 800 / 1200 mm available virtually covering the largest possible components
- Designed for heavy duty applications
- Reduced energy consumption by means of matchless 'twin shear' tangential cutting
- Noiseless operation ensured
- Safety switches for rotor movement, rotor restraint device to perform knife change over
- IP - 55 control cabinet, slow speed 100 - 460 rpm
- Available with dust separator
- Mechanical conveyor for complete automation with main machine
- Range: Upto 1000 Kg / hr.

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