For Sale - AIE - 2978 - Air Circulating Oven


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AIE - 2978


Air Circulating Oven


Saumya Technocrates, India

Product Details

Saumya hot air circulating oven is laboratory purpose oven used for multiple test application for plastics like shrinkage, reversion, moisture content and lateral E.S.C.R. test at different temperatures.

Effect of heat is very essential on all kind of plastic materials. Air oven is used as conditioning chamber, as well as to check the effect of heat on plastic product.

- Saumya hot air circulating oven is designed in such a way to give equal distribution of heat at any corner of chamber. Unit is controlling temp. with the help of microprocessor based digital temp. controller & the air is circulate with the help of blower.
- Inner body is made up of stainless steel.

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