For Sale - AIE - 3040 - Double Station Hydraulic Screen Changer of Double-Pillar Type


Reference Numbers

AIE - 3040


Double Station Hydraulic Screen Changer of Double-Pillar Type



Product Details

Double pillar series is developed on the basis of single pillar series, it definitely realizes non-stopping screen changing by alternating two plates. Our design dramatically reduces / eliminates the fluctuations, caused by changing motion, to the line. With the advanced and patented exhaust gas system design, all gas in the melt plastics can be completely discharged, which guarantee continuity and stability of the products.
With double filtering areas than single pillar series, double-pillar type can be applied to very high output extrusion lines, effectively promoting the product quality.
- Large filtering area, applicable to extrusion production of a wide range of polymers with different processings.
- Unique sealing system ensuring perfect sealing effect.
- Advanced designing and precise manufacturing, along with delicate gas exhausting system realize the its dual function of filtering and gas exhausting.
- Both standard specification from 70 mm to 300 mm and special design upon customer's specific request are available.
- Outside cover brings the machine good appearance and secure operation.
- The whole system boasts very reasonable design, easy opeartion and perfect performance.