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AIE - 3171


Injection Mould Controllers - Keba


Keba - Mifa Systems, India

Product Details

1) i 1000
- Operator panel
a. Screens based on grid layout (Kemro.view.basic)
b. Standard membrane key operation
- Single flat board controller
a. Powerful CPU
b. KePlast interfacing (USB, Ethernet, Compact flash)
c. Extended set of I/Os included
d. I/O extension via CAN-bus
- KePlast i1000 key features:
a. Attractive price for economy machines
b. Closed loop control
c. Standard membrane key operation
d. Visualization upgrade by Ketop or standard PC

2) i 2000
- Operator panel
a. Screens based on JAVA technology
b. Easy to design and customize
c. Intuitive touch screen operation
- K2-200 compact module
a. High performance CPU
b. Standard I/Os included
c. Directly extendable with K2-200 modules
- KePlast i2000 key features
a. Touch screen operation
b. Full graphical, Windows style user interface
c. Extended set of service and process quality screens

3) i 5000
- Operator panel
a. Display size: 12", 15", and 17"
b. Portrait format display
c. Contact less user identification by RFID-card
- K2-200 High performance module
a. Latest Intel high-end M-CPU: Celeron M 600 - Pentium M 1,4 GHz
b. Wide range of CPU power
c. Inject to hold detection 100 us
d. Up to 200 us closed loop scan time
e. Standard I/Os included
f. K-Net high speed field bus
- KePlast i5000 key features
a. Special operator features: contact less user identification, Far USB
b. Multi-component application
c. Robot integration
d. Portrait format display

- The machine can tune with the existing mechanics in very short time. Which means the set up time is less.
- It is very small and compact in size, requires lesser wiring.
- Direct voltage and current output up to 2 amps, so no extra cards for proportional valves required.
- Lowest controllers is 400 MHz, means complete cycle scan in less than 2 mille seconds. Higher versions are on Pentium 1.5GHz with complete scan time less than 1 mS.
- Very powerful HMI, very user friendly and informative graphics.
- USB, Ethernet, Modem connectivity built in as standard. Multi machine management is very simple. Multi mould data can be downloaded in flash.
- Protect zone can be reduce up to 5 mm or less, so fast mould close up to very narrow space can reduce your cycle time, thus enhancing your productivity - means higher profit. Smaller the cycle time; shorter it would become. You will see more percent reduction in cycle time.
- Very powerful reporting and diagnostic tool.
- Lots of protections are built in.
- Special algorithm for slower Hydraulic machines.
- The effect of mechanical ageing can be minimized.
- High speed temperature inputs, means very tight and accurate control. Saving energy and avoiding degradation of inside material.
- In higher versions one can have RFID's, tight password controls, lots of MIS information, hot runner control built in, robot interface, etc.
- Colour HMI size from 8" to 15" with keypad entry or touch screen.
- Very roughed, hardware reliability is very high. All outputs are short circuit proof.
- International users like Engel, Haitian, Rexroth, Broch, Beston, etc.
- HMI is multi lingual.

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