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AIE - 3187


PID Temperature / Process Controllers


Dydac Controls, India

Product Details

Dydac Controls is engaged in manufacturing and trading PID temperature / process controllers. It handles all the common process control applications with reliability, simplicity and easy setting. These are available in different XT universal controller models like XT 16 (1/16 din), XT 18 and XT 19(1/8 din) and XT 25 (1/4 din). The controllers have internally mounted timer and two point alarm facility with 16 alarm modes. We take bulk orders as per the client's specifications. Some of the key features of PID temperature / process controllers are:

- 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 DIN sizes
- Various thermocouple input selectable and RTD voltage and current input models.
- Dual control output with single stage ramp and soak functions.
- Two point alarm, with 16 alarm modes.
- Auto/manual tuning switchable
- Sensor break display indication, open
- Function of smart temperature transducer.
- Rs. 485 communication
- Program lock can be set
- T9, T7, T6 and T5 have output DC24V power supply
- C or F option
- Internally mounted timer
- Thermocouple, RTD, voltage or current inputs
- User selectable ramp to set point
- Auto tuning, heat or cool
- Dual output / dual alarm capabilities
- Optional RS 232 / RS 422 / RS 485 / SPI communications
- On / off through full PID operation
(P, P, I, PD, PID)
- NEMA 4X dust and splash proof front panel
- Burnless auto / manaul transfer
- Adjustable hysteresis and heat/cool spread
- Field - configurable process and l
- Deviation alarms (normal and latching)
- Remote set point select option
- Switch - selectable TC and RTD inputs
- Non linear inputs and special options
(XT18/19 and XT25)

Low Cost PID Controllers:
- Advanced PID + fuzzy logic
- Universal input
- Modular design
- Universal modular output
- Auto tunning
- Highly accurate and reliable
- Programmable or profile controller
- All size, free power supply

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