For Sale - AIE - 3189 - Temperature Controllers


Reference Number

AIE - 3189


Temperature Controllers


Dydac Controls, India

Product Details

Dydac Controls is a prominent manufacturer and trader of temperature controllers, timers and counters. These are available in all standard size and shapes. Limit configuration is available in these products and is simple to use. Some of the key features of digital indicating proportional temperature controllers are:
- Accurate proportional temperature control ideal for most processes
- Noise immune analog circuitry.
- Simple to use.
- Thermocouple or RTD input
- Adjustable bandwidth and reset.
- Optional PID
- Adjustable high/low alarm
- Limit configuration available
- Sizes available: 48 x 48mm, 72 x 72mm, 96 x 96mm

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Dydac Controls
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Tel.: 011 22612177
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