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AIE - 3190


Hot Runner Temperature Controllers


Dydac Controls, India

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Dydac G Series Hot Runner Modules:
The Dydac G Series Temperature Control Module represents the state of the art in hot runner temperature control technology. Virtually every feature a molder could want is combined in the module could want to contain in the module, which has been designed to operate independently.

- Microprocessor based auto tuning temperature controlling
- Gradual phase angle firing soft start.
- Power control system
- Built in diagnostics
- Self regulating power controllers
- Accuracy of +/- 10C
- PID accepts J, K thermocouples
- Phase angle power controllers are used which saves heater life and power as these are variable automatic power controllers
- Build in soft start in power controllers
- Fast fuses for over current protection
- Power controllers can handle more than 5000 watts in single zone at 220 Vac.
- Alarm for heater failure
- Alarm for under and over temperature.
- In case of thermocouple failure, we can set percentage of power to the heaters.

Main Frame Panel:
Dydac provides a wide selection of zone capacities to suit almost any control application. These are individual frame sections up to 12 zones. Then up to 48 zones these are stacked together. These are prewired integral units.

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