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AIE - 3233


Pulverizers for Roto Moulding Process


Vinodrai Engineers Pvt. Ltd., India

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Rotational moulding needs resin in pulverized form. The particle size, shape and particle size distribution is measure of powder quality. Powder quality plays a very important role in rotational moulding. Following are the resultant effects of the good quality powder.
- Optimization of the charge weight to meet rising competition
- Improved finish and colour of the product
- Reduced fusion time in oven
- A good quality light weight multi layered and foam insulated tank.

Realizing the special needs of the rotational moulders; engineers at Vinodrai set out to develop the next generation pulverizer. To achieve the above objective pulverizer must have following features.
- Ability and control to give uniform and consistent powder quality
- Power required should be low
- Cooling of grinding elements must be sufficient and effective
- High output
- Minimum down time
- Ability to run the machine un-attended
- All system protections to minimize breakdowns
- Easy to clean and short colour change over time
- User friendly operation

Vinodrai is manufacturing two models namely VI-450-40 and VI-450-30 with capacity to pulverize 120 kg/hr, and 80 kg/hr respectively. The pulverizer consists of following main systems.

Two Stage Disc Mill:
Disc Mill is heart of the pulverizer. Two stage designs insure course and fine grinding. This also increases the life of fine teeth. Material selected for the disc is WPS from Bohler company of Germany. Easy opening of the disc mill on hinge insures quick cleaning. No need to set the gap every time mill is opened for cleaning.

Bearing Housing:
Heavy duty graded cast housing results in smooth running of the mill. Bearing set up is designed to take care of heavy thrust generated during grinding. Oil bath lubrication results in less energy consumption.
Machine is also available with automatic oil circulating lubricating system.
Disc is mounted on shaft on taper nose to insure true rotation and easy dismantling.

Moving Disc Cooling:
Dublin USA make special rotary union supply cooling water to moving disc through shaft. This not only cools moving disc but also keeps bearing running cool.
This results in increase in output and also machine can grind heat sensitive polymers like EVA.
Taper-Lock pulley from Fenner improves transmission efficiency.

Vibratory screen and cyclone:
Large volume cyclone for efficient separation of powder and rotary vibratory screen with anti-blocking deck insures trouble free flow of powder.

Control Panel:
Control Panel is a sheet steel, powder coated housing enclosing all controls. Free standing ergonomically designed.
Monitors the temperature of disc mill and controls the feeding of material if disc temperature reaches set point. Circuit also monitors mill motor current and takes corrective action if mill motor reaches set current.
Control panel offers all protections and interlocks so that machine can run un-attended safely

- 3 ton capacity closed loop water chiller
- PLC controlled machine

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