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AIE - 3417




Five Star Engineers, India

Product Details

Five Star's Pelletizer:
- Length of rotor: 10 inch
- No. of blades: 8
- Speed range: 640 to 1234 RPM
- Motor: 2 HP
- Capacity: 60 to 120 kg / hr

Blades are high carbon high chromium tipped with the hardness of 60 on the Rockwell C Scale. High tension bolts are used for ritting blades. Rotor blades can be adjusted relative to the fixed blade so as to provide for uniform cutting.

Made from standard steel and accurately machined to enable dynamic balancing.

Guide Rolls:
Made of alloy steel and spring tension loaded to grip the strands with uniform pressure. The guide roll can be lifted by an attached lever mechanism.

Power is provided through a motor mounted internally on the pelletizer stand.

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