For Sale - AIE - 3458 - Plastic Conveyor Belt


Reference Numbers

AIE - 3458


Plastic Conveyor Belt

Product Details

We offers polymer conveyor belts from world renowned Crizaf, S.p.A, Italy. This intelligent part conveyor integrated with other ancillary equipment can greatly increase quality and efficiency of the processing unit.

1) Horizontal conveyor belt (With robots)
2) Plastic conveyor belts
3) Sprue separator and conveying
4) Drum separator
5) Parts counting - weighing
6) Stacking system

- Saving of labour and parts damage.
- Clean room condition - untouched by human.
- Integrated with Robots - assembly line.
- Automatic counting of parts and filling into box.
- Separation of sprue and parts automatically.
- Go under the mould - connected to online granulator.
- Can be integrated with any existing line.
- High quality and consistency in production.

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