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AIE - 3480


Large Range 8-Series Robots


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

Wittmann Robots W833 - W843 with Telescopic Vertical Arm:
Low overall height - double speed

All larger Wittmann robots starting from model W833 are equipped as standard with our patented telescopic vertical arm.

The main vertical arm is driven via rack and pinion. A belt drives the front arm at double speed.

- Minimum overall height of the robot
- Double speed of the end-of-arm-tooling and short in/out times
- Long vertical strokes for palletizing

- Gripper and parts weight up to 15 kg (33 lbs).
- Vertical stroke up to 1,800 mm
- For flexible automation on IMM up to approx. 750 tons locking force.

- Larger, massive main beam and double walled kick-stroke extrusion allow handling weights up to 35 kg (77lbs) and vertical strokes up to 2,600 mm.
- For palletizing on palettes located down on the shop floor.

B) W853 - W873 with Telescopic - Vertical Arm
- For large molding machines and handling weights from 50 kg (110 lbs) to 125 kg (275 lbs).

The kick-stroke beam as well as the vertical telescopic arm is constructed of thin walled steel tubes to allow fast movement with minimum vibration.

Option: Servo driven A- or B-axis wrists for secondary requirements. Especially larger robots are typically equipped with additional rotational axes and a variety of additional gripper and vacuum circuits for complex automations. We can supply the optimum robot for your specific requirement.

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