For Sale - AIE - 3481 - Side Entry 8-Series Wittmann Robots


Reference Numbers

AIE - 3481


Side Entry 8-Series Wittmann Robots


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

Side Entry Robots are used mainly for removal of thin walled parts and cycle times shorter than 6 seconds.

1) W8XH:
Horizontal side entry axis is driven by a Scaratype rotational movement. The gripper platen is synchronized for an extremely fast, servo driven in/out movement of the gripper.

This system provides a very stable high speed operation with low vibration. Minimum floor space required on the molding machine. Vertical axis mechanically adjustable and pneumatically driven or motor driven.

2) W823H:
Horizontal telescopic axis and kick-stroke servo driven.

The C-axis for the placing movement of the parts is directly attached to the telescopic carriage, providing minimum floor space next to the molding machine. Vertical position is mechanically adjustable or pneumatically driven e.g. for placing in a tray.

3) W727H:
Special servo driven side entry axis for the automation of packaging parts and IML applications (Containers, Lids, etc.).

Mounted on a stable frame with additional, motor driven stacking axis for parts placement.

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