For Sale - AIE - 3482 - Robots for Fastest Removal Times


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AIE - 3482


Robots for Fastest Removal Times


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

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Wittmann Models:
1) W821UHS
2) W833UHS

The ultra high speed robot series has been developed to achieve the fastest part removal times. Depending on the stroke distance and motion, the time for in/out movements is just 0.3-0.5 s. This is possible using highly dynamic servo modules and motors with high performance density while at the same time minimizing the moving masses of the rotational axes that need to be moved. This guarantees the direct transfer of forces as well as minimizing the moving masses. In order to achieve these short removal times constantly over the long term, the vertical axis is activated directly over a planetary gear box engaging with a generously dimensioned tooth belt.

For mechanical absorption of the high acceleration and deceleration forces of 6g, the vertical axis is designed with an extremely torsion stable kick stroke which is internally reinforced with ribs. The vertical axis itself is an aluminum profile, which by means of Finite Element calculations is designed for the lightest weight and highest stiffness.

- Highest productivity of the injection molding machine with the shortest cycle
- Minimizing all moving masses for the highest acceleration and deceleration

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