For Sale - AIE - 3483 - Innovative Pick n Place Pneumatic Robots


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AIE - 3483


Innovative Pick n Place Pneumatic Robots


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

"Pick and Place" Robots:
The economic solution providing high performance at affordable prices for smaller molding machines up to 150 tons locking force.

These robots are designed with fixed kick-stroke beam. The rugged, specially reinforced aluminium extrusion is directly attached to the main carriage. No parts sticking out towards the injection unit. Even on small molding machines there is no collision with the hopper. The rugged lightweight vertical arm is guided by high capacity linear bearings to allow fast movements with minimum vibrations. For precise insert and removal jobs.

W810(S) One-Axis-Motor Robots:
- Z-axis:
Motor driven by asynchronous servo motors for precise control of multiple stopping positions on traverse axis.

- Vertical Arm:
Rugged light-weight aluminum extrusion to allow fast movement. Pneumatically driven with large hydraulic shock absorbers provide smooth and shock damping stops.

- Option: Model S
Double arm robots are designed particularly for three-plate mold applications.

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