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AIE - 3484


Wittmann Sprue Picker Robots


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

W802 Sprue Picker:
For the removal of sprues and parts from an injection molding machine. The solid construction allows fast movements with low vibration for precise removal.

1) X-axis (kick stroke):
- Heavy-duty linear rails and recirculating ball bearings.
- Swivel base to rotate the arm behind the fixed platen for mold changes with locating pin to precisely reposition arm for part removal.

2) Y-axis (vertical stroke):
- Adjustable stroke 0-550 mm (21.7") or 700 mm (27.6")
- Pneumatic shock absorbers
- Locking cylinder to prevent the arm from drifting down into the mold in the event of air pressure loss
- The Y-axis is also equipped with a heavy-duty switch as an additional interlock before the mold can close
- Energy chain for less wear tubing

3) Z-axis (pivot):
- Freely adjustable 45 Degree to 95 Degree
- Simple changeover from rear side to operator side placement.

4) B-axis (90 Degree tooling rotation):
Rotation is made automatically when pivoting the Z-arm out of the press.

5) Mechanical Sprue Gripper:
Rotation is made automatically when the Z-arm out of the press.

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