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Wittmann Robot Automation
1) Additional rotational axes:
A wide range of pneumatic, motorized and servo driven rotational axes extend the abilities of the robot and add rotational degrees of freedom. These rotational axes range from the standard C-wrist flip to remove parts from the mold face and to place them horizontally on a conveyor or peripheral station to the Servo A/C-axis with precise incremental steps of 0.1 Degree

2) End-Of-Arm Toolings:
End-Of-Arm Toolings (EOAT) are the functional interface to molded part and therefore instrumental for the successful implementation of an automation project. EOAT can range in complexity from simple vacuum-style tools for pick-and-place applications to extremely complicated and multifunctional grippers.

We have implemented thousands of different automation projects for any kind of molded product and would be pleased to offer you the ideal solution for your automation requirements.

3) Safety Guarding:
Safety Guarding is offered as an engineered solution with work cell layout confirmation or in standard panel sizes and door for component purchase. We offer special Operator Side Guarding with overhead panel and operator aisle way for safe and functional safety guarding.

4) RFID Wireless EOAT Recognition:
End-Of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) recognition based on "Radio Frequency Identification" (RFID) technology allows to safely switch between correct teach programs without any knowledge. A unique ID is stored in a small transponder mounted on each EOAT. This transponder is read by the robot control system, which in turn has established a link between a specific removal gripper and the robot sequence.

Every removal gripper can be assigned an absolutely unique and well defined program automatically without involvement of the operator.

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