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Automation - Degating Solutions


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Wittmann Automation - Degating Solutions:
1) Servo Gator:
The Servo Gator utilizes the articulating Servo A-C wrist on the robot to manipulate the part presentation to a servo controlled arm built up on the traverse beam which rotates to expose cutting nippers to cut large parts with excellent vestige tolerance. This unique solution is preferred over the historical use of "fixed floor mounted degating stations" for it's flexible approach and less tweaking for part shrinkage.

2) Fascia Degating:
Floor mounted degating station for automotive fascia degating of multi-edge gated runner systems. Individual nipper adjustment guarantees optimum vestige.

3) Beam Mounted Degator
Beam mounted degators are popular for simple part pick and to place the shot on a fixtured nest along the traverse axis to use less floor space of a floor mounted degator. The nest can be reconfigured to handle a variety of molded shots that require degating.

4) Drill Housing Degating
This application requires a two-stage approach. First the two housing halves are fed to a traverse beam mounted degating station for a rough cut. After the runner is released to the granulator the housings are fed to a floor mounted station for a second finish cut with very close tolerance.

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