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Automation - Palletizing Solutions


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Wittmann Automation - Palletizing Solutions:
1) Palletizing:
Palletizing routines are commonly used and their support is optimized in Wittmann's robot control systems CNC 6.2 and R7. Special palletizing programs provided by the control system minimize user entries and perform multiple background calculations. The interconnection of various routines allows the setup of complicated palletizing patterns. The variable setting of second and last palletizing position and per axis and the customization of axis orders allow unlimited program-flexibility.

2) Collection System:
A variety of collection system configurations with proven designs are available to hold up to 24/7 operations for years of return on investment.

A very standard configuration consists of a 2-position shuttle table, whereas one half of the table is constantly within the working area of the robot. The second half of the table is accessible for the removal of the finished parts.

3) Medical Palletizing:
Medical collection systems like this pipette tips application can feature high cavitation and short cycle times. The robot controls a servo driven X-Y table with programmable center-to-center spacing of the cavities in the storage container

4) Cutlery System:
Cutlery systems are designed for high speed removal, degating and cutlery collection for defined and efficient packaging into cardboard boxes or containers in a secondary step.

5) Garment Hangers:
Garment hanger collection systems for high speed and thin wall applications. Also to include secondary pack-out robot to pack into cardboard shipping boxes.

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