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Wittmann New R8 Robot Control - Good Performance with Comfort

The R8 unit is the latest generation of robot control and offers highly improved performance as well as numerous additional operating functions. And it is offering easy accessibility, of course.

- SoftTorque and PartTrack
- + SoftTorque: Compliancy of the kick-stroke
- + PartTrack: Synchronous following of moving objects

The new SoftTorque function:
Enables the removal of molded parts not only via pure position control and motion, but instead to have the part being pushed approximately through the ejectors into the end-of-arm tooling of the robot. The kick-stroke of the robot allows to be actively pushed back and automatically compensates forces in the opposite direction. The mechanical components will be pre-served on a long term basis and lastingly as influencing forces are almost entirely prevented.

The extended function PartTrack permits the following of positions of moving objects, as it can be found for example in conjunction with a conveyor belt. For this PartTrack uses an incremental encoder interface. The PartTrack function allows the following of objects across the entire permissible speed range of the respective robot axis and adjusts automatically to changing external parameters and velocities. This enables for example the peeling of parts from grids of vacuum forming machines or the stacking of parts in moving containers.

The most evident element of the new control is the ergonomically designed TeachBox, equipped with an edge guard like previous models, to assure reliability even under rough conditions. The mechanics for the connection of the R8 TeachBox and detachable emergency stop block have changed along with the locking device. A spring on the underside of the TeachBox secures the connection with the emergency stop block and can now be disconnected with a single hand movement. Long guiding ridges on both devices ensure guaranteed docking of the connectors between the emergency stop block and the TeachBox. The two deadman switches (with three positions each) on the inside of the two TeachBox holders allow both right and left handed people alike a comfortable operation in the working area of the robot.

Programming and software:
For different programming demands and different operator's knowledge the Wittmann R8 control is offering three operator modes of programming that basically reflect the level of the operator's familiarity with the control and are adjustable for optimum performance based on the complexity of the application. The three modes are:

Text Editor for the creation of arbitrary removal or operational sequences
Graphic Editor for the simplest creation of standardized sequences

Tool Change Mode for the adaptation of only a few selected commands

These modes are the same as the successful R7.2 control. Completely new is the internal program for calculating the individual paths of the single numeric axes and determining the time optimized moves between the various points in space. Additionally, special optimization has been achieved for perpendicular moves for instance, like in each sequence of part removal when the vertical axis is descending and the demolding axis is moving into the mold area. Also, changes by the operator to the speed of the axes during the automatic mode are instantly included into the calculation. For the operator this results in shorter moves leading to a time savings of up to 25% depending on the utilization of the axes and the path the robot takes. In terms of reducing downtime of the injection molding machine, the R8 control introduces a new removal command called SmartRemoval that allows maximum speed when moving in and out of the molding area. As every mechanical system is influenced by the mass of inertia which is most noticeable at the initial stage of movement, the SmartRemoval function uses the time the mold needs in order to open to accelerate the vertical robot axis to the optimal velocity and then into the open mold area at the highest possible initial speed. This means that the most inefficient part of the movement profile for an axis, namely the initial acceleration with the least distance per time unit, now occurs simultaneously with the mold opening. The adaptive algorithm that is executed in the background is constantly analyzing the chronological behavior of the mold opening and generating the optimal velocity profile for precise just-in-time movement into the mold for part removal.

Numerous profitable functions:
The command is executed in such a way that in case of emergency an immediate stop of the robot is possible before reaching the mold. SmartRemoval is best suited for short removal cycles and permits time savings of up to 300 ms, depending on the particular circumstances and the mold opening moves. As many applications do not require the full cycle time to complete the remaining robot sequence once outside the molding area, the R8 control provides the operator with the EcoMode function. In EcoMode, the robot control calculates the total time outside the molding area and automatically establishes the minimum velocity for all moves in order to reach the mold just before it opens and to be ready to remove the next part. The EcoMode results in the most gentle operating conditions for the robot mechanics. Furthermore, the R8 control allows the operator to set up user-defined safety sections with the TeachBox. Any critical regions can be protected from faulty operation, for example the area covered by the injection molding machine and its safety guarding. The robot simply is not allowed to move into these areas. Up to twelve areas can be defined and displayed on the R8 control screen from different angles. They can also be called up as arbitrarily zoomed and are very easy to edit. The positions of all six numeric axes of the robot are considered when checking the safety sections. This allows complete control of the moves and does not at all depend on the actual active operational mode of the robot. By default, the R8 control offers control of the analog vacuum data of up to four circuits. As an option, it is possible to extend the control to include the vacuum data for 16 circuits total. The respective data of the analog vacuum control for each circuit is transferred separately to the sequence program with the desired tolerances and is automatically considered when needed. This also improves the security of the process because it makes it possible to prevent closing of the mold on parts that have not been removed and improves the operator's comfort because it is not necessary for the operator to intervene after having changed the mold.

Highest flexibility and user-friendliness:
Unlimited program sequences can be saved on the memory stick provided via the USB port or via the internal compact flash card. The R8 control provides numerous improvements that further simplify the robot operation. According to the known principle of the previous generations, the new Wittmann R8 robot control allows as well the creation of an almost unlimited number of program sequences and of program sub-sequences that are very simple to understand and also very easily accessible by means of the most intuitive user interface. Thus, all suitable applications for the appropriate user can be covered. From the well-known and typical pick & place working process to the most complex peripheral devices with a lot of additional numeric and pneumatic equipment - the R8 generation is meeting any expectations.

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