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AIE - 3492


Control System - Touch Screen Control for Robots


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

Wittmann Touch Screen Control R7.2:
All servo driven robots are equipped as standard with the R7.2 TeachBox touch screen control with graphic operating interface. The direct selection of all functions on the touch screen enables easy and quick creation of programs. To avoid program changes the TeachBox can be unplugged from the emergency stop block that contains the main operating functions of the robot. Teach programs can be either saved via the integrated USB-port - on the memory stick provided - or on an integrated flash card memory.

- Shortest training time for personnel
- Free programming of every robot operation
- Infinite diagnostic possibilities for the robot functions
- Integrated observation of maintenance intervals
- Different programming levels for the respective user profile

Text Editor R7.2:
Ideal for programming complex working cycles, for numerous pieces of auxiliary equipment as the operator can program/edit any sequence via the menu navigation. The editor does not need command codes; the designated function is executed directly at the robot and is transferred via a keystroke into the program. The naming of the peripheral inputs and outputs, cylinders, grippers, and vacuum cycles facilitates the readability and allows for a clearly arranged program structure. Complete flexibility is possible when creating programs

Graphic Editor R7.2:
For standard applications the desired operating sequence can be created graphically on the display. After assigning the numeric positions to the program, it can then be instantly placed into Automatic mode - creating an entire program in only a few minutes. Only minimal initial training of the personnel is necessary.

Tool Change Mode R7.2:
Only the functions which have been selected and need to be readjusted when changing the tool: e.g. removal position, placing position are displayed Simpler and faster program setup for new molds. Fast stopping function to selected program line.

On-Line Operating Manual:
The complete manual can be viewed online!

Palletizing Programs:
Up to 255 palletizing programs with unlimited placement configurations are available for each program.

Continuous Speed Settings:
Optimized movement of up to 6 numerical axes with individual or synchronized movement of speeds.

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