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Superior TEMPRO plus C Series with the PLUS for Perfect Quality:
1) Optimum visibility and operation of the TEMPRO plus C
The color TFT-LCD display shows more process information than ever before.
- Set point: The actual value and set point are displayed simultaneously.
- Visual temperature control: The mold symbol color indicates if the temperature is in the tolerance band (green: within tolerance; red: too hot; blue: too cold.)
- Additional information on the display: The operator can choose an additional value to be displayed on the screen (pressure, flow).
- Easy operation with the TEMPRO plus C: Menus to adjust values and to choose operating modes can be selected with the yellow buttons.
- Quick selection: Operating modes that are used frequently can be selected using the F1 to F4 buttons without entering a menu.

2) Standard equipment for the TEMPRO plus C series
- Microprocessor controller with +/- 0.2 Degree C accuracy
- Automatic filling and constant pressure monitoring
- Pressure gauges (system and pump pressures)
- Automatic pump rotation detection
- Maximum temperature monitoring
- Heater control with solid state relay
- Pumps safe to run dry
- Backflow sensor
- Sensor break monitoring
- External sensor socket for PT 100 sensors
- Air purging (unlimited mold purge for 140/160 units)
- Timer (time switch)
- Dry contact for alarm output plus audible alarm
- Operating hours counter with service interval indicator

3) Options:
- Ultrasonic flow measurement
- Communications interfaces
- Mold sensor FeCo (Type J) socket

4) Latest design technology and operation:
- Booster pump (for filling under pressure at temperatures of more than 100 Degree C)
- Heat exchanger made of stainless steel (Incoloy heating element)
- Pump and system pressure gauges
- Maintenance free magnetically coupled pump (standard in the TEMPRO plus C 160)
- Heating control via solid state relay
- In pressurized operation, two gauges ensure that the internal pressure is always approx. 1 bar over the steam pressure curve.
- Because of the smaller heat exchanger there is less circulating water. As a result, the preheating time and the cool down period have been reduced.

1) TEMPRO plus C 90/140/160:
Circulating water single and dual zone units

TEMPRO plus C90
- For temperatures up to 90 Degree C
- Open system with powerful, submersible pumps without pump seals

TEMPRO plus C140/160/180
- For temperatures up to 140 Degree C, 160 Degree C, and 180 Degree C
- Pressurized system with powerful pumps and with magnetically coupled pumps for TEMPRO plus C160/180

2) TEMPRO plus 250
- With thermic oil: For perfect quality up to 250 Degree C
- Precision control: Microprocessor controlled until +/- 0.5 Degree C accuracy
- User friendly simplistic display
- Double level control: Refill warning, automatic switch-off
- Process pressure gauges standard
- Line evacuating for mold purge
- Magnetically coupled pump without seal

3) TEMPRO plus XL 90
Water units:
Wittmann`s new TEMPRO plus XL 90 can heat up even big molds within a short time to the required set point. Besides the strong heater (36 KW) we reinforced flow (up to 200 l/min.) and cooling capacity.

Purge out of molds is supported by an additional pump which pumps the water to the return line or drain. Thus the purge volume is unlimited.

4) TEMPRO primus/basic 90/140
- The economic solution:
The ideal temperature controller for any application requiring exact temperature control and high user-friendliness, however without additional functions such as interfaces.

- TEMPRO primus 90:
Single zone temperature controller up to 90 Degree C. Standard features include air purging for mold changes.

- TEMPRO basic 90:
One circuit temperature controller for temperatures up to 90 C° equipped with a self-optimizing microprocessor controller (+/- 1 Degree C). Standard with leak stop function and hand selector switch for evacuating function.

- TEMPRO basic 140:
Single zone unit with pressurized system for temperatures up to 140 Degree C. Pressurized system. The economic mold temperature controller for precise temperature control up to 140 Degree C

5) TEMPRO direct 120
Equipped with a Self-optimizing microprocess controller (+/-1 Degree C) for temperatures up to 120 Degree C. Powerful pumps (pressure up to 6 bar) guarantee a high flow of process water and thus a short preheating time and because of it's direct cooling design, a high cooling capacity.

2 models:
- TEMPRO direct 120:
The economic solution offering high flow rate pumps and reinforced cooling.

- TEMPRO direct C120:
The new temperature controller TEMPRO direct C120 has been developed especially for the temperature control of larger molds. The maximum process temperature is 120 Degree C (250 Degree F). Contrary to competitive directly cooled temperature controllers, the TEMPRO direct C120 of Wittmann is manufactured of non-corrosive material.

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