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Dryers - Drymax P15 Compressed Air Dryer


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

Wittmann Drymax P15 Small Volume Portable Dryer:
The drying principle is based on pre-dried, factory supplied compressed air which expands within the Drymax P15 to atmospheric pressure and is controlled to process temperature before being guided into the drying hopper. Depending on the quality of the supplied compressed air dew points to -25 Degree C can be achieved.

- Selectable Dry Air Volume:
For operation with either 7 or 15 m3/h, in order to adjust the compressed air consumption to the actual material throughput

- Maintenance Free: Virtually maintenance free operation by eliminating almost all moving parts

Drymax P15 Clip-On:
Clip-On Hopper Connection
The Drymax P15 dryer is equipped as standard with a handle and a simple "clip-on" mechanism to conveniently remove the unit and to reconnect it to other Wittmann drying hoppers prepared for this connection.

A guide pin ensures the secure docking of the dryer to the drying hopper. A spring-loaded locking pin then connects the dryer and hopper as one unit.

Drymax P15 Control System:
- Highly Precise Microprocessor Control:
Precise control of the process temperature up to 160 Degree C. The three-digit 7-segment display indicates process and timer values, also actual error messages.

- Miscellaneous Operation Modes:
The batch mode is used for the time-controlled drying of plastic resin and is mostly employed in conjunction with very small material drying requirements and subsequent disconnection of the dryer and connection to another drying hopper. The continuous mode is best suited for uninterrupted material drying requirements.

- Easy Start-Up:
The intuitive user interface guarantees easy setup of the unit and immediate familiarity with the various functions available

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