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Reference Numbers

AIE - 3513


Compact Dryer - Single Tower Dryer


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

Wittmann Drymax ES40 Dry Air Dryer:
The Drymax ES Series dry air dryers are equipped with one desiccant bed and provide a dry air volume of 40 m3/h.

- Ambient Independent Dew Point of -35 Degree C

- SmartReg Function: Time optimized control of the regeneration and cooling of the desiccant bed

- Energy saving counter airflow regeneration: Reduces the energy costs through fastest dehumidification of the desiccant bed during the regeneration phase

- Material Protection Function: Avoids over-drying and thermal degradation of the plastic resin through short term lowering of the drying temperature during production stoppages of the processing machine

- Side Channel Blower: Constant air flow even during fluctuating pressure conditions in the drying hopper.

Functional Scheme
1. Plastic resin
2. Microfilter
3. Blower
4. Desiccant bed
5. Regeneration/Process heater
6. Vacuum take-off adapter

Drymax ES40 Control System:
1) Highly Precise Microprocessor Control:
Precise control of the process temperature up to 160 Degree C. The three-digit 7-segment display indicates the process and timer values along with actual error messages.

2) Easy Start-up:
The intuitive user interface guarantees an easy setup of the unit and immediate familiarity with the various functions available.

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