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AIE - 3514


Compact Dryers - Dual Tower Dryer


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

Wittmann Drymax D30, D60 and 100 Compact Dry Air Dryers:
The Drymax Series dry air dryers are equipped with two desiccant beds to supply continuous dry process air and constant quality for the perfect drying of plastic resin.

- Ambient independent dew point to -60 Degree C

- Motorized switchover valve:
Operation without compressed air lines and optimized control of drying and regeneration cycles in both desiccant beds.

- Energy saving counter airflow regeneration:
Reduced energy costs through fastest dehumidification of the desiccant beds during the regeneration phase.

- Material protection function:
Avoids over-drying and thermal degradation of the plastic resin through short term lowering of the drying temperature during the production stoppages of the processing machine.

- Micro particle filter in return air:
Dust separation efficiency of up to 99.9 percent for high process safety.

- SmartReg energy saving function:
For the time optimized control of the regeneration and cooling of the desiccant beds (on Drymax D60 and 100).

- SmartFlow Intelligent Air Distribution
Automatic air distribution to adjust to different materials and fluctuating material demands (available on units with 2 drying hoppers).

Energy Rating: Wittmann has introduced a comprehensive testing program to establish energy ratings for their Drymax dry air dryers.

Functional Scheme:
- Plastic resin
- Microfilter
- Blower
- Desiccant bed 1 (in process)
- Regeneration heater 1
- Regeneration heater 2
- Desiccant bed 2 (in regeneration)
- Switch over valve
- Process air heater
- Vacuum take-off adapter

Drymax Options:
- Dew Point Sensor:
Integrated dew point display with alarm function. For energy savings the dew point reading can be used to delay the bed switchover until a user defined dew point level is reached.

- Return Air Cooler:
For highest efficiency directly integrated into the filter housing and retrofittable without tools.

- Micro particle filter in process air:
Dust separation efficiency of up to 99.9 percent for high process safety of materials with optical quality (on Drymax D60 and 100).

- Alarm Light and Horn:
For increased operating safety in error situations.

Drymax Control:
- Highly Precise Microprocessor Control:
For the precise control of the process temperature up to 180 Degree C. Temperature and parameter storage individually per drying hopper, error and function display via display.

- 7-day Timer:
For the automatic and time controlled activation and deactivation of the dryer.

- Integrated CAN-communication Interface

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