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AIE - 3516


Central Dryers - Silmax Intelligent Drying Hoppers


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

Wittmann Silmax Intelligent Drying Hoppers:
The Silmax drying hoppers with integrated micro processor control are available in table version from 70 up to 1000 liter and in free standing execution up to 6500 liter.

- SmartFlow intelligent air distribution: Automatic air distribution to adjust to different materials and fluctuating material demands.

- Robust stainless steel execution: All components in contact with the material are made of stainless steel and are therefore perfectly suited for critical and abrasive applications.

- Efficiency enhancing insulation: The drying hoppers are equipped with 40 mm thick insulation across the entire height in order to reduce heat losses and to increase the drying efficiency.

- Convenient clean out door: Drying hoppers of sizes 100 liter and up are as equipped as standard with a clean out door ideally suited for the respective hopper diameter. The perfect geometry of the hopper guarantees a uniform drying of the material across the entire cross-section.

- Integrated Sight Glass: For the convenient visual inspection of material flow and level.

- Material Slide Gate: All drying hoppers are included as a standard with a manual slide gate.

Functional Scheme
1. Return air
2. Process air
3. SmartFlow
4. Process air heater
5. Take-off adapter
6. Plastic resin

Silmax Option:
Vacuum Take-off Adapter:
Available with one or two material outlets as well as with controlled discharged valve for the efficient purging after the loading cycle (in connection with Wittmann M7 control system).

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