For Sale - AIE - 3518 - Drymax ED80 Compact Dry Air Dryers


Reference Numbers

AIE - 3518


Drymax ED80 Compact Dry Air Dryers


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

Wittmann Drymax ED80 Series dry air dryers are equipped with two independent process blowers and desiccant beds, which upon demand can be operated in parallel to provide short term higher dry air performance.

- Ambient Independent Dew Point to - 50 Degree C (- 58 Degree F)

- SmartFlow with single hopper operation: In the single hopper version two independent process blowers already permit variable air distribution (SmartFlow) based on the actual material flow.

- Energy saving counter airflow regeneration: Reduces energy costs through the fastest dehumidification of the desiccant beds during the regeneration phase.

- Material protection function: Avoids over-drying and thermal degradation of the plastic resin by short term lowering of the drying temperature during production stoppages of the processing machine.

- SmartReg energy saving function: For time optimized control of the regeneration and cooling of the desiccant beds.

- Optional features: Dew point sensor, integrated conveying, 2-hopper operation, return air cooler and alarm light.

Functional Scheme:
1. Plastic resin
2. Microfilter
3. Blower
4. Desiccant bed
5. Regeneration/Process heater
6. Vacuum take-off adapter

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