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AIE - 3520


Gravimax Blenders - RTLS Technology


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

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Wittmann RTLS Technology:
Material Savings Reduce Cost:
A unique 2-stage metering method achieves the most precise dispensing for batch-to-batch consistency and accuracy. This is accomplished by using progressively smaller dispensing algorithms to approach the target weight. Only one standard high precision valve is used for pellets, regrind, additives.

- Step 1. Free Flow: Quick dispensing to near target weight (approximately 95 percent).

- Step 2. Fine Pulsing: Controlled high frequency dispensing precisely to target.

By ensuring batch-to-batch accuracy by means of RTLS (Real Time Live Scale) technology the operator can set the percentages to the required minimum level. As competitive blending methods are constantly overdosing and under dosing the minimum needs to be set to allow any under dosed batch to still be at the requested percentage. This results in overdosing all other batches, sometimes even significantly, causing tremendous excess material usage. RTLS can pay for itself in just a couple of months. In this example, a blend of 1.8 percent has been set. Real data demonstrates the difference between RTLS and other methods.

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