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AIE - 3521


Gravimax Blender


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

Wittmann Gravimax Blender GMX Series 1:
- Throughput up to 170 lbs/hr

Gravimax Blender GMX Series 3
- Throughput up to 450 lbs/hr

Gravimax Blender GMX Series 5
- Throughput up to 600 lbs/hr

Gravimax Blender GMX Series 9
- Throughput up to 720 lbs/hr

Gravimax Blender GMX Series 18 and 27
- Throughput up to 1,980 lbs/hr
- Engineered solutions for up to 6,000 lbs/hr throughput

Advantages of Gravimax Blenders:
1) Highly Precise Metering Valves:
Unique flow-valves made from stainless steel for high abrasive wear applications are extremely fast, efficient and consistently reliable. Major and minor material ingredients are precisely metered to the desired set point.

2) Interchangeable Steel Hoppers:
Self-closing valve mechanism offers easy cleaning and color change. Two convenient handles allow safe and easy material hopper handling. The hopper is specially designed with no flow restricting or bridging parts in the hopper.

3) "Clip-on" Corner Window:
Unique "clip-on" corner window provides full view for material inspection. The corner window detaches quickly for simpler and easier cleaning access compared to other blender designs.

4) Easily Removable Weigh Bin:
Two weigh cell slide bars and 60 Degree discharge angle geometry provide complete emptying after each batch. The self-closing discharge flap mechanism prevents release of material from the weigh bin in the event of pressure loss.

5) Uniform Material Blending:
Highly efficient bowl mixer provides a homogenous material blend and allows for easy cleaning. The hemispherical geometry of the bowl mixer guarantees, no dead spots or material hang-up.

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