For Sale - AIE - 3523 - Gravimax XLB Blender Control


Reference Numbers

AIE - 3523


Gravimax XLB Blender Control


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

Wittmann Gravimax XLB Blender Control:
The large easy-to-see buttons on the touch screen make it easy to operate in all types of light conditions and ensures the operator has a large surface area to make changes or adjustments in the operation of the blender.

- Simplicity
- Ease-of-use and high efficiency
- Off-the-Shelf PLC microprocessor controller

Standard features:
- Gravimetric control of up to eight (8) components
- Pinch valve technology: Precise metering through Adaptive Control algorithms
- RTLS (Real Time Live Scale) Measurement: For consistent batch-to-batch accuracy
- "On the Go" Feature: Change recipes and parameters without stopping production
- Reports: Cycle, total run and inventory reports
- Connectivity Options: Wireless intranet and LAN connectivity, compatible with central PC systems, laptops and PDAs
- Smart Regrind Mode
- Algorithms: Anti-bridging algorithm to prevent material buildup, Auto Tuning Dispense algorithm for each valve (HRBplus)
- Menu Driven Format: All selections are easily and quickly accessed
- Percent Preset: Each ingredient value entered in %
- Unit Values: Operates in metric or imperial
- Display Operating Conditions: Displays the recipe running, process rate and batches processed
- Materials Identification: Alphanumeric key pad
- Recipe Storage: 100 recipes stored on the local memory
- Preset Batch Count: Blender will automatically shutdown when count is achieved
- Mixing - Timed or Continuous
- Communication Ports: Ethernet communication, optional
- Reports: Continuous batch cycles, Total batches, Inventory and Stored Recipes
- Security: Multi-level password, Administrator and User
- Sturdy Heavy-Duty Construction: Frame, hoppers, scale and load cell assemblies designed for durable operation
- Control Panel: Standard electrical components for reliable operation and easy maintenance
- Power Supply: 110 V / 230 V / 1 / 50-60 Hz

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