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AIE - 3525


Series MAS Granulators


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

Wittmann MAS Series Granulators:
1) MAS1 and MAS3 with Staggered Rotor:
Rotor with 3 x 3 (MAS1) or 8 x 3 (MAS3) Staggered Knives

- Excellent regrind quality
- The staggered rotor knives offer the optimal solution to "pull" parts into the cutting chamber.
- The cutting force is distributed across several high-alloyed, hardened rotating knives that provide a simple scissor cut for added energy savings, along with low-noise operation and high cutting performance.
- Rotating knives can be sharpened several times depending on the amount of wear. The cutting geometry of the knives allows them to be changed without any additional adjustment.
- The two fixed knives can be turned four times before replacement.
- Minimum downtime when changing the knives
- Fast and simple cleaning

2) MAS2 and MAS4 with Open Rotor:
Open Rotor with 3 Moving and 2 Fixed Knives

- The granulators produce high quality regrind and minimize dust.
- A pre-adjustment gauge is included with each granulator to allow easy, quick adjustment of the knives for optimal cutting clearance.
- The slanted open rotor moving knives combined with two inclined fixed knives provides a double scissor cut that once again improves the quality of the regrind and minimizes dust.
- Optimal circulation of air within the cutting chamber prevents thermal degradation of the molecular structure or melting of the material.
- The patented tensing clamps of the rotor knives ensure an easy cleaning procedure and maintenance.
- Fast and easy cleaning

3) MAS2 Auger:
The MAS2 Auger is a conventional granulator with auger feed which allows it to be placed directly underneath the mold area of the molding machine. The 247 x 255 mm cutting chamber and the open rotor are identical to that for the model MAS2. The low rotational speed of 200 rpm guarantees uniform regrind and minimal fines.

- Auger through: Larger auger trough (600 x 280 mm) for wider runners.

- Knife: Knife located above the screw to avoid large, soft runners from wrapping around the screw.

- METALSTOP (patented)
- High level indicator
- Connector for water cooling
- Hopper directly on the auger feed
- ARS (Automatic Reversing System)
- Auger feed throat height of 524 mm
- Remote control box

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