For Sale - AIE - 3527 - Series MC for Medium to Large Throughputs


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AIE - 3527


Series MC for Medium to Large Throughputs


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

Heavy duty granulators intended for recycling beside the injection molding machine (MC 34) and/or for centralized recycling (MC 46/MC 70) of runners, parts and various scrap.

Main Features:
- Tangential feed cutting chamber for optimal acceptance of parts
- Very good regrind quality due to reduced rotor speed (430 to 730 rpm according to model)
- Quick and easy knife maintenance with pre-adjustable knives that can be sharpened
- Advanced soundproofing

Rugged, High Performance Design
1) Cutting Chamber:
- Solid steel welded construction
- Screen with standard hole diameters from 6 to 12 mm (according to model and application), mounted on screen support, opened via gas or hydraulic cylinder (according to model)
- Replaceable wear plate on attack side in standard configuration

2) Rotor:
- Herringbone rotor supported on 2 heavy-duty outboard pillow block bearings
- Fitted with 3 or 5 blades
- Mechanical brake

3) Blades:
- Made of high alloy hardened steel that can be sharpened several times
- All blades are pre-adjustable using a pre-adjustment fixture supplied as standard, which simplifies installation and guarantees constant cutting circle and thus, consistent regrind quality
- Scissor style cutting for low energy consumption

4) Drive:
- Rotor is driven by pulley and belt
- Inertia flywheel in standard configuration

5) Electrical Equipment:
- Separate electrical control cabinet with star delta soft start (MC 46-60 and larger)
- Control circuit: 24 V for MC 34, 230 V for others

6) Feeding:
- Soundproofed feed hopper can be easily adapted for all types of feed methods - robot, conveyor or manual
- Hopper opening is assisted by cylinders (manual, electrical or hydraulic handling depending on the model)

7) Emptying:
- All regrind collection bins are prepared for blower evacuation
- Manual evacuation (collection bin with viewing window) available on request (according to the model).

8) Sound Control:
Models MC 34 and MC 46 are supplied with integrated and optimal soundproofing
Option for MC 70: soundproofed enclosure

Series MC:
The MC Series product range consists of 6 models. The MC Series granulators are compact and general-purpose for medium to large throughputs.

Complete Solution according to Customer Requirement:
- Manual feed
- Robot feed (optional)
- Conveyor belt feed (optional)
a. with metal detector plate or tunnel style metal detector
b. with soundproofed tunnel
- Based on the customer's application different evacuation and dedusting systems are available (optional).

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