For Sale - AIE - 3528 - AF Auger for Series MC Granulators


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AIE - 3528


AF Auger for Series MC Granulators


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

Wittmann AF: Ram feeding of bulky parts for MC Series Granulators:
The new AF auger feed is designed for better feeding and grinding of voluminous parts from blow-moulding and injection moulding made of soft materials e.g. boxes, cans, bottles and bumpers. This option is available for granulator models MC 3460, MC 4660, MC 4688 and MC 7080. With the new auger feed option, voluminous parts can be processed in comparatively smaller granulators. This saves money in capital equipment and maintenance costs, and reduces the required footprint, sound levels, and energy consumption.

Summary of all advantages of the new AF auger feed option:
- Less capital equipment and maintenance costs
- Reduced footprint
- Reduced energy consumption
- Reduced sound levels
- Increased grinding capacity due to continuous and forced part feeding.
- A few parts introduced at the same time can't block each other due to continuous and constant feeding.

The auger feed system is equipped with ARS (automatic reversing system), already a standard option on our screenless and auger feed granulators, designed to automatically reverse upon sensing high motor amperage and restart.

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