For Sale - AIE - 3531 - Coolmax Compact Chillers


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AIE - 3531


Coolmax Compact Chillers


Wittmann Battenfeld India Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

Wittmann Coolmax Compact Chillers:
- Powerful, compact air cooled chillers with 10 KW to 90 KW cooling capacity
- Reliable Wittmann microprocessor controller
- Large surfaced built in air condenser with fan neck
- Automatic filling visual control via sight glass
- 3-7 bar centrifugal pumps with flow volume of 13.2 cubic meters per hour
- Hermetically welded quality compressors
- Anti-freeze control
- Pressure relieve valve in the cooling circuit

- For each model there are 3 and 7 bar pumps with larger flow rates available.
- The pumps are protected with a motor protective relay and with a bypass line to prevent too high pressure in the line.
- In the condenser the aluminum fins are generously spaced to prevent accumulation of dust.
- Moreover the copper piping in the compressor line has few welded parts and is formed in order to prevent leakage.

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