For Sale - AIE - 3590 - XTL Vacuum Autoloader


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AIE - 3590


XTL Vacuum Autoloader


Ra Sa Technology - Ra Agencies Pvt Ltd.

Product Details

RA Agencies XTL Vacuum Autoloader:
- The main engine and the material hopper are designed separately and thus it is safe, easy and convenient to be operated.
- The whole operation is controlled by McroTrip computer.
- Equipped with an in dependant filter, which is very convenient to clean up dust.
- The equipped muffler reduces the noise in operation. Stainless Steel material hopper is light in weight, durable and very convenient for cleaning the device.
- The control box, being designed separately and is easy to maintain
- Auto buzzer will give alarm while lacking material.
- Auto protective device protects motor against overloading.

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