For Sale - AIE - 3593 - XFS Plastic Grinders


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AIE - 3593


XFS Plastic Grinders


RA Agencies Pvt Ltd., India

Product Details

RA Agencies XFS Plastic Grinders:
- The knife tools is refined with imported special tool-steel, the clearance between knife tools are adjustable, when it becomes blunt by using it can be dismounted repeatedly it is durable.
- Use high intensity steel screws to fasten the knife leaf and knife seat having strong bearing capacity.
- All walls of crushing chamber are treated sound-proof, so having extra low noise.
- A discount type designed, the bunker main body, screen can be dismounted for cleaning easily.
- The electric motor has overloading protection with power source interlocked protection device, double-safety protection for operators and electric motor.
- Step type motion knife design with strong breaking capacity

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