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AIE - 3595


XCM Automatic Mold Temperature Control


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XCM Automatic Mold Temperature Control:
- Hot medium liquid: Water or oil convertibility. Either water or oil can be used as a hot medium liquid according to the needs of mold forming temperature. Its high selectivity is certain to bring in high economic efficiency.
- Vertical Pump: The flow of vertical pump can be always kept steady and its service life keeps long
- Stainless medium tank: The interior tank will not get rusted for a long time this prevents any form of blockage of pipes and keep the pump in service for longer period of time
- Transparent water (oil) level viewer: The transparent water (oil) level viewer can easily be used to view and inspect the quantity of medium from time to time.
- Automatic alarming device: While water (oil) storage occurs in the container, this device being automatically lights-up and starts alarming and cuts-off the electric power to heaters and pumps. This assures their safety.
- High precision automatic control: The measure of temperature is very sensitive and accurate, little change of temperature helps to keep the product both fine and delicate.
- Minimize product wastage: The mold can reach the required temperature right at the beginning of operation, thus can obviously minimize product shortage.
- Maintain proper temperature: Either in continuous operation or in temporary shutting down, mold forming temperature can always be kept proper to assure the best quality of products and further improve the forming process.

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