For Sale - AIE - 3607 - Round Bottle Type Cooling Tower:


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AIE - 3607


Round Bottle Type Cooling Tower:


Adva-Tech Engineers, India

Product Details

Adva-Tech Round Bottle type cooling towers work on the principle of counter flow. This means that the water flows down while the air is pulled upwards by a fan. As the water flows further through the system, the air encounters is fresher, in other words cooler and less saturated with moisture.

Special composition of raw materials are selected to withstand corrosion, to resist water borne bacteria and organisms and is light in weight which permits roof installation without any special reinforcement. Vertical induced draft counter-flow design permits installation in any direction with freedom. It consumes less power (energy) overall because of less air resistance to water, saving in operational costs. A direct driven axial fan ensures the system is free from problems faced with belt and gear drives.

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