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AIE - 3635


Vibro Screen for Injection Moulding


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Eta Vibro Screen in Injection moulding industry Sprue, Runner or rejected molded articles are cut in granulator or scrap cutter to smaller size for the purpose of reuse. In granulator or scrap cutter, the fine dust is always generated. This dust, fines or chips may create black spot on moulded product due to charring or heating.
Eta Vibro screens are very effective machine for online as well as offline use to remove / screen out these grindings.

Machine used is normally Single deck machine with wire mesh to retain bigger pieces discharge the dusting. As a result you get granules of acceptable size for reuse in moulding. This type of single deck machines are also popularly used by scrap recycling and reprocessing / reprocessed granules industry.

A double deck machine similar to master batch can also be used to remove very large lumps from grinding process

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