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AIE - 3646


Gravimetric Batch Blenders


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The "MiniBlend" ranges of blenders are fully gravimetric, batch blenders. Each component material is metered sequentially, by weight, into a common weigh chamber. The batch is then mixed before being released.

Blenders range in size from 20kg/hr capacity to 2000 kg/hr, with up to 8 components. Up to 600 kg/hr the blenders use a combined weigh chamber and mixing bowl. Larger blenders have separate weigh chamber and mixing bowl to achieve the higher throughput.

The MiniBlend blenders have a unique dual rate feed mechanism which provides high throughput and high accuracy. All components can feed 0 percent to 100 percent with no operator changes.

The blender body and then component hoppers are made form powder coated zinc plated steel. The feed mechanism, weigh chamber and mixing bowl are made from 304 grade stainless steel. The smaller MB-20 and MB-60 blenders are typically used for injection or blow moulding and can be made fully in 304 stainless steel as a standard option.

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