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AIE - 3648


Weighbatch Vacuum Loaders


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1) Venturi Loaders:
Venturi loaders are the simplest of the loader types. They use compressed air through a venturi to generate the vacuum to suck material granules into the air stream which then conveys them to a small cyclone receiver.

The level of vacuum and amount of air flow makes these loaders suitable for short distances of 5m or less. Given sufficient compressed air supply they can move a surprising amount of material but would be expensive (in terms of air) to run. Typically used for throughputs of less than 20 kg/hr

2) Single Phase Loaders:
The Uni-Vac range of loaders use a single phase bypass vacuum motor mounted inside the loader. These can be either brush commutated or a brushless electronic version. The loaders are stand-alone with onboard controller and internal filters with air pulse blowback cleaning.

These loaders are able to generate a medium level of vacuum suitable for conveying distances up to 15m. There are three sizes available with recommended throughput from 200 kg/hr to 500 kg/hr.

3) Cluster System:
The Mini-Vac system provides up to four loaders powered by a shared single phase vacuum motor. The loaders are lightweight and compact. The system is intended to provide a "cluster" of loaders for a small blender or a number of machines in close proximity, such as a group of injection moulding machines.

4) Shared Vacuum Loaders:
The Multi-Vac range of loaders and vacuum pumps provide a simple solution to loading material over longer distances or at high capacity. The loaders have independent on-board control and cooperate to share a central vacuum pump. This pump can be either a side channel or rotary claw type.

Multi-Vac loaders are available in a range of sizes to suit throughputs up to 2000 kg/hr. Conveying distance depends on required throughput and pump selection with distances up to 100m being typical.

5) Central Loading System:
The Centa-Vac system is the most capable of the Weighbatch loading systems.
A central controller is used to provide priority scheduling for up to 48 loaders. The system can use any number of side channel or rotary claw vacuum pumps.

The Centa-Vac system provides an wide range of optional features:
- Link to the AdvanTec line management software system
- Automatic Material Selection
- Loader group alarms
- High capacity filters
- Vacuum level monitoring and alarms
- Automatic pump backup

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