For Sale - AIE - 3688 - ML-AL Vertical-Combined Type Autoloader


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AIE - 3688


ML-AL Vertical-Combined Type Autoloader


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Product Details

ML-AL Autoloader is an ancillary machine which can be used with various plastic machines and hopper dryers. It provides a best solution for the transport of plastic materials.

Functions and Features:
- Use of import technologies, made of stainless steel, saves manpower and ensures high level uploading safety.
- Automatically alarm when shortage of material.
- Overload protective device.
- Controlled by micro-computer, easy to operate and maintain.
- Simple installation and durable operation.
- Automatic filter-cleaning function.
- DS type can be directly installed to injection molding machines to proceed with material transport.
- DT type can be installed to hopper dryers or other machines to proceed with material transport.

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